Crazy Ed's Fireworks started as Erick's Fireworks in 1995 in half a garage in the tiny Midwestern town of Culver, Kansas. After several years of selling to the neighborhood kids, and surrounding communities, 2001 brought a hostile takeover by Crazy Ed. With a little help from a front-page article in the Salina Journal, Crazy Ed's Fireworks took off! Within just a few short years, we went from half a garage to a large building where we were able to start buying products at a much reduced rate and sell a much larger volume. This got everyone's attention and started bringing in customers from several surrounding counties and towns. Once we could no longer handle the demand, we decided it was time to branch out and opened stands in Lincoln, Belleville, Assaria, Salina, and Lincolnville. We continue to grow and improve our selection based on customer feedback and requests. And as we approach our 20th year in business, we are excited to see what else the future holds for Crazy Ed's Fireworks!!
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Crazy Ed Winebrenner President of Fireworks
Erick Winebrenner - The Brains (and Son)
                                   Salina Stand Manager
Carolyn Winebrenner - First lady of Fireworks
Mike Hansen - Lincoln Stand Manager
Tina Miller & Treasa Smith, Assaria Stand
Shawn & Kevin Cawlkins, Belleville Stand
Eldon & Kim Smith, Lincolnville Stand
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